Tuesday, February 17, 2009

BILLY IDOL asked me for my autograph!!! That's right! You heard me. Billy Idol, Mr. Hotness himself asked ME for my autograph. Why you ask? Well you see....he heard about this girl in North Fort Worth who installed her own wood floors, without any help from a husband, father, brother, or neighbor (she wouldn't let them help) and when Billy saw this he said (in a British accent of course) "YOU SO TOTALLY ROCK! I'm so impressed that you used big scary power tools all by yourself! Can I have your autograph?"
Of course I refused, I mean, Billy is THE true Rockstar. I just laid wood floors. (Did I mention ALL BY MYSELF???)
I can't wait to start photographing little ones in the new studio! That's a north light window. The light is so soft and pretty.
Call to set up your Spring Mini Session appointment and maybe Billy will ask for your autograph too. :)
(ok, just kidding about Billy ) :)

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  1. great job becky!!! i am so proud of you! those floors look AMAZING! now, will you please come to my house and help me? ;)


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