Friday, August 27, 2010

Reunion, DFW Child Photography

Nope, you can't have them. They are MY precious niece and nephews and I love them. They didn't quite love their Aunt Becky for making them wake up before the sun was up...but they quickly forgot when I showed them a see-through white sand crab on the beach. THAT was worth waking up for. This beautiful warm light is... what I got up for though. Love that morning light.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Looking for TWINS!!! DFW Twin Photographer

I have a CUTE new prop for twin newborns!! I want to get some images for my website so I'm offering 50% off the Digital Image pkg (cd with permission to print letter) or 30% off prints. If you purchase the cd that makes it only $137.50. It will be a full session with the new prop and then any other poses you need.
I would like to have the babies under 10 days of age so they are super sleepy. You can go to the website and check out the newborn info (listed under the Pricing section). If you would like to have your twin babies model you can email me at for details!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blue eyed baby... Fort Worth Family Photographer

All I had to do was face this beautiful baby toward the setting sun and her eyes looked like this. She is just stunning!

Had to eat my words today... Keller TX photographer

Ok, I admit it...I had to eat my words the other day. You know how I always say that babies MUST be under 10 days for newborn portraits (this baby is 5 weeks) and never get shots on picture day (she had shots that morning)....well this little stinker was just about as perfect as she could be for her family session. She was asleep when we wanted her asleep and awake when we wanted her awake. Yep, had too eat my words.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My yard needs this!

I want these flowers for my house! They grow in sand with very little water so I figure I can't kill them...right? Seriously people, you should see what weeks of 100 degree weather has done to my yard. I love you crunchy brown yard but if you don't survive this next week I might have to replace you with these pretty yellow flowers...nothing personal of course.

Times change...

What a difference a couple of years can make! I photographed my brother's wedding to the beautiful Jennifer (an amazingly awesome sister-n-law...don't be jealous!) in 2008. I had to seriously beg my brother to wake up at 5:something am for a sunrise wedding shoot. Well this time around I had no trouble getting him to do a sunrise shoot because he knew it would be great. And how lucky for them that storm clouds would move in on their wedding day as well as baby's first trip to the ocean!
The images on the left are from their wedding in 2008 on Galveston Island. The three on the right are from 2010 on Crystal Beach (a short ferry ride from Galveston).

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tea Party on the Beach DFW Children's Photographer

Just trying to see how many different places I can set up a tea party. ;)
(these are more of the cute relatives I met at the cousin's kids)

Tropical Backyard DFW Children's Photographer

My cousin lives in Houston so I stopped at his house as part of my beach trip. His backyard is like a little tropical forest...perfect for fairytale images of two little girls. I had a car packed with tutus and props but none were needed. They had the cutest little dresses and their own little table and chairs. I'm thinking they need this tea party portrait in a canvas right over the real tea party set in their room. Wouldn't that be so cute?

Family Reunion! DFW Destination Photographer

Just got back from a wonderful trip to Crystal Beach (down by Galveston). We had a family reunion for my Mom's side and I got to see people I haven't seen in years. It was so fun to see all the cousins I remember as kids...with big kids of their own.
Crystal Beach is very quiet and peaceful. A lot of it is still being repaired from last year's hurricane Ike, but there are plenty of beach houses with beautiful beaches to hang out on. You have to drive your car onto a ferry to get there from Galveston and if you are lucky you might see a few dolphins playing around the boat. It was a great trip and I'm sad it's over but now I have some really great images to remember it.
This image is from the first part of the week when the skies were clear. Fortunately for us some storm clouds moved in towards the end of the week. Most people would grumble about storm clouds but I knew that would make the sunrise look amazing. And it did! I'll post those later in the week. For now, here's one of my sweet niece Lydia.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Couldn't Resist! Keller Baby Photographer

I tried to resist...really I did! I walked around the antique store 5 times, each time pretending not to see the charming little baby carriage, telling the salesclerk I was "just looking", telling my daughter "nothing good in here today, lets go", telling my brain just "WALK AWAY FROM THE CUTENESS!". Obviously none of that worked.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Photoshop Edits

The image below appears to have a sky that was dramatically changed. In reality, the sky in the second image is how it really looked on the morning of our photoshoot. I was mostly worried about getting the people to look right so I placed an external lighting source in the field to light them up, knowing I could darken the sky later in photoshop. It all worked out great. In the old days of film I would have used a filter on my lens and would have had a much harder time lighting the people correctly. Digital capture mixed with photoshop magic makes for a much easier job for me!

Ever wonder what I'm doing when I say that I'm "Editing" your images? For the most part, I'm just doing a really quick little edit...a little color punch, making the blacks more vivid, brightening selective areas, and maybe a little skin softening. It doesn't take me much time for most edits because I try really hard to get it right in the camera. I'm just wanting to liven them up and make them just a bit artsy.
Some images have a dreamy feel to them. For those I like to spend a little more time in photoshop adding textures, making the colors pop and giving it a bit of a "painted" look. For others I might be tempted to do muted vintage effects. It all depends on the image for the kind of edit I will do.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Digital Images Now Available! DFW Family Photography

OK...back by popular demand...I am now offering the CD of digital images for purchase. You can still have me do the printing if you like, but for those who prefer to purchase the CD of images and print on their is available!

The CD is $275 (+ tax) and includes: up to 6 people (add $10 for each additional person), shooting time in studio or on-location, 30-40 fully edited high resolution images in black and white and color on CD, a permission to print letter and information on printing your pictures. The CD will be ready within 10 days of your session. The full amount is due at the time of the session.

For those who are not interested in purchasing the CD: The minimum print purchase is $350 (due at the time of the session). Print prices are listed on the website under "Prices". The CD will be FREE with a print purchase of $700 or more. An online gallery of images will be available within 10 days of your session. You will have 10 days to view the images and place your print order. Orders will arrive in about a week (longer for items such as canvas gallery wraps and albums).

Newborn! DFW Newborn Photography

This baby was so good! She slept so well, allowing us to put her in all kinds of cute props and bows and outfits. We got some really great images for her Mommy, can't wait to show her the rest of them.

Little Beauty, DFW Child Photographer

This little one was SO good for only being 3 years old! She was totally comfortable in front of the camera and posed like she had been doing it for years. We could have kept going all day...if it weren't for the dang scary dog that barked at her through the fence. I learned a little too late that she does NOT like dogs. (can you believe those beautiful eyes?!)

San Antonio Sessions 2

I might be planning another trip in the Fall. I'll let you all know soon if I do. In the meantime...weekends are already starting to fill up for sessions in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Call Pebblebrook Portraits now if you want to snag a prime time and location for your family portraits! 817-368-4446 -Becky

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