Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in Colorado

I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas with their friends and family. This year we tried something new. Since our kids are big and we don't have to keep up the story of the big guy and his reindeer....we decided to try something different. We spent our Christmas in Colorado. It was SO much fun and we finally got our white Christmas. Little did we know that our home back in Texas was getting it's FIRST White Christmas EVER! Murphy's Law. Here's a few images from my little point and shoot camera.
My kids on their first day of snowboarding school. After day three they were gonig down the "blacks"!

Our little charlie brown tree.

This was our FAVORITE part! We went to the Sulphur Hot Pots in Sulphur Springs Colorado. You had to run BAREFOOT through the snow to each of the 16 hot pots, ranging in temp from 102 - 126 degrees! It was crazy but fun.

It was so pretty there!

Me and my honey.

I love this picture. I want to go back in the summer and see what this looks like.

This is where we chopped off the top of a little tree for our Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Body surfing in the snow.

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