Monday, January 26, 2009


I just got back from an awesome trip to Phoenix! Thousands of photographers went to our annual Professional Photographers of America convention to learn the newest techniques and shop for the greatest toys on the planet. (the picture is the beautiful view we had from our classes every day at the brand new Phoenix convention center)
I was planning to travel alone but at the last minute found a roomate on a photography forum. We met just once before the trip so we were pretty much strangers when we first got there. I figured that since she was a Texas girl, she had to be great.By the end of the trip we had experienced really bad food and REALLY good food, an evil GPS device that got us lost every time we drove the car, found the Sees Candy store, narrowly escaped a would-be robber, walked the expo (the place where all the photography toys are) till our feet were so so sore, wore really cute, uncomfortable clothes the first few days, wore really comfortable, sorta cute clothes the last day, learned so much our brains hurt, drove to the airport on our last day WITHOUT the help of the evil GPS.
So now I have a really cool photographer friend (Kami) and she lives just around the corner. Thanks for the fun trip girl! Next stop....ImagingUSA 2010 in Tennessee.

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