Friday, May 29, 2009

On Location Newborn Session - DFW Newborn Photographer

I have been asked many times to photograph newborns in their own homes but always said no. Why? I'm not really sure, except that all of my newborn "stuff" is in my studio. Well I decided it was time to try something different and I'm so glad I did. I packed up a bunch of baskets, blankets and hats and headed to this 6 day old's home. It was so much fun being creative with other people's "stuff". This mommy had the most interesting old Amish table with the most beautiful window light. I love the images that we got in that spot. I have never had such a new baby stay awake for so much of the session. She wasn't fussy, just she knew a party was going on and she didn't want to miss a second of it, lol. Even so, we got some beautiful images! And the best part....after 2 hours of modeling like a pro, this little angel smiled at her grandma. Perfect! Trying to get baby to sleep. (I know it looks like she's sleeping above but that was about a 2 second nap)

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