Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's just a bird!......

My son and I decided to go to one of those wildlife refuge things in San Antonio. We started out just a little scared of the 4 legged creatures....zebra teeth, the horns of the 2 foot tall goat, powerful bambi....what we really wanted to see was the cute birdie called the ostrich. I mean, how scary could it be? It's just a bird right? Oh, my goodness were we wrong!
It took me all of about 3 seconds to realize that this was no ordinary bird. Why oh why we spent $2 on that extra bag of animal feed I'll never know, because this bird wanted every last bite of it. And throwing the food on the floorboard didn't help because that things neck is like 12 feet long. We tried to drive away but the crazy bird just trotted next to the car with his head inside, all the while staring me in the eye to tell me it was not leaving my car til it was finished eating.
Ok, I think I would have been happier trying to feed the rhinos or lions than this guy.
If you click on this picture you might just see my scared, quivering reflection in his big beady eyes. When visiting the animal refuge, beware of the ostrich!

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