Monday, July 6, 2009

On Location in San Antonio

I had to drop my daughter off for a week at John Newcomb's Tennis Ranch in New Braunfels and thought....maybe I can do some photo sessions that week. So I called my Aunt and asked if she could pass the word around. She only had about a week notice but was awesome at finding quite a few families to do sessions. We chose the Japanese Sunken Gardens in downtown San Antonio for our location. (note to all of my photographer friends....You MUST take a trip down there, it is so pretty). I am going to be working on the images all week but here are a few from my first day. My first session was a VERY photogenic couple. In fact, so photogenic that I think we managed to convince some onlookers that "T"'s hubby was modeling for GQ. Hehe.
Aren't they just beautiful together?

This mother/daughter duo had gorgeous aqua blue eyes. They were very sweet together. (that reminds me...I need to get some pictures with MY mom!) "L", you are so cool and don't be surprised if I randomly pop a cd in the mail to you, full of "waver/punk" music from the 80's.

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