Saturday, September 5, 2009

Luck of the Irish! DFW Texas Maternity Photography

Some people really do have all the luck. Remember this couple? I photographed their wedding down in Galveston a few years ago. The night before our sunrise photo shoot it rained, creating the most beautiful storm clouds for our sunrise session on the beach. (they are on the together section of the website gallery) LUCKY! So last night when it started to rain I knew they would have a beautiful sunrise for her maternity shoot.
Maybe it's the Irish name they are giving the baby (and the fact that they do have Irish heritage) but they really did luck out with these AWESOME clouds!
You have to work sooooo fast with sunrise and sunset sessions. As you can tell in these images, the light changes minute by minute. But I think I really like the variety we got. Isn't she a cute first time mommy? Can't wait to meet their baby!

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