Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yippee !!! DFW Senior Photographer

Yipee for me! This first image is exactly how I feel when someone shows up for their sunrise session and the sky looks like this! Amazing how the light changes isn't it? The second image down was actually taken first, can you see the color changes? I never really noticed how fast light changes with sunrises and sunsets until I started documenting it with my camera.
I always ask my seniors what their interests are. Sports? Choir? Band? This cute girl said she works on set design for plays at her high school. Hmmmm, how do I shoot that? And then she said she does target practice with her rifle sometimes....YES! Bring the rifle! I just loved the idea of getting this incredibly sweet dainty little thing with her very non-girly rifle.
Oh and check out her awesome eyes. I told her she had rainbow eyes because they had so many different colors in them. Beautiful!

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