Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Photoshop Edits

The image below appears to have a sky that was dramatically changed. In reality, the sky in the second image is how it really looked on the morning of our photoshoot. I was mostly worried about getting the people to look right so I placed an external lighting source in the field to light them up, knowing I could darken the sky later in photoshop. It all worked out great. In the old days of film I would have used a filter on my lens and would have had a much harder time lighting the people correctly. Digital capture mixed with photoshop magic makes for a much easier job for me!

Ever wonder what I'm doing when I say that I'm "Editing" your images? For the most part, I'm just doing a really quick little edit...a little color punch, making the blacks more vivid, brightening selective areas, and maybe a little skin softening. It doesn't take me much time for most edits because I try really hard to get it right in the camera. I'm just wanting to liven them up and make them just a bit artsy.
Some images have a dreamy feel to them. For those I like to spend a little more time in photoshop adding textures, making the colors pop and giving it a bit of a "painted" look. For others I might be tempted to do muted vintage effects. It all depends on the image for the kind of edit I will do.

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