Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A boy and his dog

So everyone knows just how much 12 year old boys love to get their portrait taken. Yeah right! They'd rather be doing just about ANYTHING else. Lucky for me, the entire city was covered in ICE so my son Austin had nowhere to hide. He gave me a whole 10 minutes (the dog gave me 2!) but I managed to get some that really show his personality. He REALLY loves that dog, can you tell? And just like all the other 12 year old boys, he ended up really liking his portraits.

A lot of you have asked what a storyboard is. I made some of my favorite images of Austin into a 10x10 storyboard for an example. It will be in my studio for everyone to see. Every storyboard will be unique and special, just like your own child.


  1. Hi Becky - came to your blog from Feed your Passion. Great work. Yeah, boys don't like the camera as much as girls do.

  2. Thank you! I'm just glad I got a few smiles, he's a hard one to lure into the camera room. I remember when he was 3 I had to bribe him with a new matchbox car if he would let me take his portrait. He countered with 5 new cars and we settled on 3. Whatever it takes! (I'm sure some of you are laughing because I KNOW you've heard me promise your kiddos everything from smarties candies to a brand new car, hehe)


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