Saturday, January 31, 2009

Texas Winters

Ok, days like today are why I choose to live in Texas. Yes, we get the occasional ice storm that shuts everything down for a day or two, but give us a few days and we'll get a beautiful warm day like we had today....perfect for photographing 4 adorable brothers. I know their mommy is very eager to see these images and as much as I'd love to call and let her know a sneak peek is on the blog, I have to remind myself that it IS after midnight . So, I'll have to wait until tomorrow, hope you love them too "W" family!


  1. hmmm, my blog clock is wrong. It's 2 hours slow. Any of you blog experts know how to fix that?

  2. I love them! They look so good! I love the one with the boys looking at Owen! So cute, I cant wait to see the rest of them...your amazing!


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