Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gone Camping....

I will be a chaperone for my daughter's girl's camp for the next week. Wish me luck with the mosquitos, chiggers, cold showers, lack of AC, blisters, and we just found out....scorpions in the showers and copperhead snakes in the high grass. Should I survive these lovely perks...I will resume sessions next Monday the 15th. I will be checking email while tromping through the woods though so feel free to send me a little love from the city. :)
(I know it sounds like I'm dreading it but I'm actually pretty excited...I love camping!)
Update: Camp was awesome! We all had so much fun and only got a little bit of the rain and wind that totally attacked the dfw metroplex. The only thing we could have done without was the MICE! We named our cabin "Mouse Motel". Luckily they moved us to a new cabin the next night or I don't think any of us would have slept a wink after that. (and now I know where Walt Disney got his idea for Mickey Mouse....the field mice! They had the hugest big round ears just like Mickey Mouse) Ick, so glad to come home to a cold house and no mud, mice or bugs!

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