Friday, June 26, 2009

WHERE'S WALDO? (4th of July style)

Here's a little spin on the where's waldo game that will hopefully make some of my faithful blog readers happy. As a little reward for being the first to see this, I am offering a certificate for $100 off any portrait collection package . (no cash value) This session MUST be completed in July or August 2009.
All you have to do is be one of the first 4 people to call me and tell me where the red and white fireworks are hidden in my website gallery. I'm not going to say which gallery they are in, so you will have to hunt. (but I promise it's not too hard to spot)
I will give blog readers this weekend for a head start and then Monday I will send out emails to the rest of my clients. Good luck and have a fun 4th of July!
go to and check the Galleries
Call me at 817-368-4446 or email
Update: 2 people have played the game and won, 2 more to go....
3 people have played the game and won, 1 more to go....
Thanks everyone for playing the game! We have all 4 now.

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